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At Abundant Life Whippany, our ministries are the heartbeat of our church community, essential to our identity as believers striving to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Our commitment is unwavering: cultivating a thriving community within our larger community, serving as a beacon of hope and a source of support for those around us. We are dedicated to growing together, sharing resources, and shining brightly as a light in the darkness.

Purpose kids

Men's Ministry

 It's more than a ministry; it's a brotherhood creating lifelong bonds. As a ministry of men dedicated to becoming the best versions of ourselves, we strive toward helping each other and growing together to form the community we need to accomplish all we are destined for. Join us on this path of growth, connection, and shared purpose.

Ladies Ministry

Spanish Ministry

Our Spanish Ministry is tailored to embrace and empower members of the Spanish-speaking community, fostering growth in the love and community of Christ. Join us as we celebrate our culture and deepen our faith together. Don't miss out on the opportunity to connect, learn, and thrive in a welcoming environment dedicated to enriching your spiritual journey.

*Services are on the 2nd and 4th Sundays of the month at 10 am

Indian Outreach

Impact Groups

Are you looking to connect within our church community? Explore your interests by joining one of our impact groups! Foster community and deepen connections in these small groups dedicated to specific interests and shared passions. Sign up today and watch your community grow!

520 Productions -new life white.png

A Kid's Ministry with Purpose

At Abundant Life Whippany, we believe every child is born with a purpose, and we have a mission to make sure our kids know the value and impact they have in the world around them. We're committed to partnering with parents to help raise children who are equipped to impact the world around them by first knowing their value in the kingdom of God.


Our Children's Ministry, appropriately named Purpose Kids, runs from Newborn to the 6th grade during Sunday morning Services from 10 am-12 pm. Our Purpose Youth from 7th to 12th grade meets on Sunday mornings and Friday nights for fun-filled and biblically focused events to further cultivate their growth.

Men's Ministry
Women's Ministry

As women, we know that cultivating connections helps us grow personally. The stronger we are, the stronger we are for those around us. It's our mission to help each other see our value as women and nurture the world around us in that truth. Join us as we build beautiful connections together.

Spanish Ministry

Indian Ministry

Our Indian Ministry is dedicated to reaching out to members of the Indian community and fostering growth in Christ's love and fellowship. Join us in celebrating our rich cultural heritage while deepening our faith together. Don't miss our monthly outreach event on the 3rd Saturday of each month, usually starting at 5 pm. It's a wonderful opportunity to connect, learn, and grow in a welcoming environment that embraces our shared values and traditions. Come and be part of our vibrant Indian community as we journey together in faith.

Impact Fair

Drama Productions Ministry

520 Productions is our drama ministry designed to be a vehicle for sharing the gospel of Jesus using the arts and entertainment while maintaining a heart for the art and the artist and using the power of dramatic storytelling to teach others about God.

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